A Day At Rainbow

Every day at Rainbow is stimulating and exciting with our caring staff team encouraging and helping the children to achieve their full potential.

A Typical Day4art

  • 8.30 Welcome and Registration
  • 9.30 Group singing– Nursery rhymes, Number and Action songs, Topic and Season related songs
  • 9.45-11.45 Indoors and outdoors child-initiated learning and play. Staff observe, engage and play with children. They provide stimulating activities tailored and targeted especially for their Key Children. Our Early Years Teacher guides and plans weekly activities to capture curiosity and develop skills and learning.
  • 9.30-10.00 Snack Time, all children are encouraged to have a drink and a healthy snack in their Key groups.
  • 11.oo Story Time in Key Groups.
  • 11.45 Home Time for some children.
  • 12.00 Lunch Time
  • 12.30 Sleep Time/Quiet Restful Time
  • 1.00 Afternoon Welcome and Registration
  • 1.00-3.15 Play indoors and outdoors as before
  • 2.00 Yoga
  • 2.45/3pm Home time for some children

Children who stay until 4pm or 4.30

  • 3.15 Extra snack
  • 3.30 Group activity (Indoors or outdoors)
  • 4.30 Home time

Snacks and Lunch

The setting makes snacks and lunch a social time at which children and adults sit together. The food provided for our snack times is healthy and nutritious. We take into account all children’s specific dietary needs. Children bring their own packed lunches – we give advice on providing a healthy lunch.